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One Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, NYC:

Antel Telecommunications Tower, Montevideo:

Home Insurance Buildling: Print at 45%

AT&T Long Lines Building, New York City:

United Nations Plaza Building, New York City:

New York Life Building, New York City:

New York Building, Fictional:

Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt:

Farm, Rural Pennsylvania:

Bank of America Plaza, Atlanta

BellSouth Building, Atlanta:

Bank of America Building, Baltimore:

Marriott Marquis, New York City:

Paramount Building, New York City:

Washington Square Arch, New York City:

Mercantile Building, NYC:

Chanin Building, New York City

Plaza Tower, Knoxville:

Small city Power Plant and Water Towers:

Large city Power Plants and Water Towers:

Deseret Building, Salt Lake City, Utah:

Harbour Centre, Vancouver, Canada:

The Domain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

Grand Central Station, New York City, New York


Retail Exchange:

1001 4th Avenue, Seattle, Washington:

Sedgwick James Building, Seattle, Washington:

KeyArena, Seattle Washington:

Eagle Gate Plaza, Salt Lake City:

60 Wall Street, NYC:

Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik

Bear Sterns World HQ:

425 Fifth Avenue:

Helmsley Building:

General Motors Building with Fifth Avenue Apple Store:

Sherry Netherlands Hotel:

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin:

New York City Hall:

Walker Building, Salt Lake City:

Trump World Tower, Night Version:

Mile High Tower, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Print at 500%

Faneuil Hall, Boston, Print at 65%

Municipal Building, New York:

Castle Clinton:

Battery Park:

New York World Building:

Hanover National Bank Building

Manhattan Life Assurance Building:

Wainwright Building, St. Louis:

60 Wall Street (1905):

New York Times Building:

Lincoln Building:

Empire Building:

Mather Tower:

New York Stock Exchange:

1835 Market Street:

Independence Hall:

Philadelphia City Hall:

American Radiator Building:

Bank of America, Baltimore:

World Trade Center, Baltimore:

Donald Schaefer Building:

Legg Mason Building, Commerce Place, Shot Tower:

SkyscraperCity Logo:

Tour Verre:

Hudson Terminal Buildings:

Morse Building: