Welcome to MiniCity!

Enjoy my free models! Anyone can build them! I will keep this site updated as I make new ones. 
Send requests to: dannykartman96@gmail.com

UPDATE: 12/29/10:
New models, including the Christmas special!

UPDATE: 11/3/10:
Mather Tower available 

UPDATE: 11/2/10:
New York World Building, Hanover National Bank Building, Manhattan Life Assurance Building,Wainwright Building, St. Louis, 60 Wall Street (1905), New York Times Building, Lincoln Building, Empire Building now availiable

UPDATE: 10/16/10:
Castle Clinton and Battery Park are available 

UPDATE: 10/6/10:
Brandenburg Gate, NYC City Hall, Walker Building, Mile High Jeddah, Faneuil Hall, Trump World Tower at night, and Municipal Building are now available

UPDATE: 9/9/10
Sherry-Netherlands Hotel available 

UPDATE: 9/7/2010:
Helmsley Building, and General Motors Building now availiable

UPDATE: 9/7/2010
Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik, Bear Sterns World Headquarters and 425 Fifth Avenue now availiable

UPDATE: 9/2/10
1001 4th Avenue, Sedgwick James Building, KeyArena, Eagle Gate Plaza, and 60 Wall Street now available  

UPDATE: 8/21/10
Deseret Building, Harbor Center, Airport, The Domain, Grand Central Station, Airport, and Retail Exchange are now availiable

UPDATE: 8/6/2010
Power Plants and Water Towers availiable

UPDATE: 8/5/2010
SunTrust Plaza is now available to build

UPDATE: 8/4/2010
Plaza Tower in Knoxville, Tenesse now available to build